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We welcome you and your child to Kid's Haven Academy DayCare.

We are a professionally-staffed day care centre serving children from birth to five plus years.

                                               We are open all year-round from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our program strives to provide quality opportunities for the social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development of each child in a safe, positive, nuturing, and consistent atmosphere that includes language, art, gross and fine motor activities, creative arts, science, baking, music and movement. We encourage each child in the development of conflict resolution skills and in the appropriate expression of feelings and frustrations. Children moving on to Grade One have had the opportunity to develop those skills and abilities which are necessary for a successful School transition.

We frequent our reading areas. We also enjoy field trips and a variety of extra-mural activities at our Academy.

Frequent interactions with parents and families are an integral part of our program. You are welcome to visit the Academy at any time. Formal parent/teacher meetings take place twice a year, and informal discussions between staff and parents take place on an ongoing basis. We keep parents informed about daily activities, policy changes, and our everyday life at the Academy through daily message boards, our newsletters, our Website, E-Mail, SMS and through information put into the learners message books.

Kids Haven Academy Day Care was founded in 2007, with 4 children. We've grown over the years and now we have three small groups:



Yellow Group

4 Years turning 5+, Grade 00 + 0

Blue Group

2 - 3 Years

Green Group

Newborn - 18 Months


        Small intimate groups enable us to give each child more individual attention (Maximum of 8-10 children per group)


    All groups have dedicated and qualified teachers with plenty daycare experience.


    Fun and educational programs consisting of both outdoor and indoor activities.


    The Academy interweaves care and development, while concentrating on establishing strong foundations for the

   future in your children


    Parents may be assured that their child will receive the best possible care and attention in a friendly and enriching




    We know that your child will enjoy fun-filled mornings with us

          We offer Baker and Movie Day once every month

    We also have aftercare facilities available for working parents


 It is every child’s birthright, to spend his formative years amongst people who understand his needs and can help him to become a fully-fledged person.


 We hold the above thought in high esteem and will strive to enrich your child’s life in a positive and caring way.

 “Money is not wasted, but invested on an education, as an education is the best investment!”


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